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See how your PPC campaign stacks up against your competitors with the AdWords Healthcheck. It's free, easy-to-use and takes just minutes to do hours of detailed analysis. Our unique system quickly and accurately assesses your AdWords performance and provides you with the steps you can take to improve your campaign and beat out your competitors.

Impression Share

Impression Share is the number of impressions you've received, divided by the total number of impressions you were eligible to receive. Eligibility is based primarily on your bids and your Quality Scores. Fortunately, we can determine where you Impression Share is being lost; whether it be by budget or by rank.

If your Impression Share is being lost by budget it means your expenditure limit is stopping your ads from being displayed as often as Google would like. Google will distribute your impressions accross your display times in a way they determine will get you the volume of clicks you have budgeted for. To reduce this lost Impression Share, consider the viabilty of increasing your advertising spend.

If your Impression Share is being lost by rank it means there are issues with the relevance of your ads and landing page experience. Ad Rank is determined by Quality Score and CPC Bid so work on improving these and your CTR to increase your exposure to the market.


Very Pleased

Thank you, for offering me your company's help I was not sure if I was doing the right thing however now I am so very pleased I did not disregard you as I do ALL the people that ring me daily trying to sell me their product/service with all sorts of promises.
Eve Sirigos, Ceremonies by Eve

Improved Sales

I just want to say thank you! The changes that you have applied in our AdWords campaign have definitely seen an improvement on click quality and sales for HippityHop. Persephone , HippityHop.com.au

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SponsoredLinX are a rarity in today's market place, they promise a lot but deliver more. Our business has grown by over 400% in one month; we are amazed at the difference they have made. Barry Donovan, Empower2themax PTY LTD

*We can usually supply this given the make and model and sufficient information about the fault. We do this using our expertise and our years of electronic records of previous faults.